Todd Kennell, M.D.

Todd Kennell, M.D. 

Medical degree: University of Arizona College of Medicine, Tucson, AZ

Internship: Good Samaritan Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ

Residency: University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha NE; University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, Madison, WI

Fellowship: Magnetic Resonance Angiography, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, Madison, WI

Professional memberships: American College of Radiology, American Roentgen Ray Society, Michigan State Medical Society, Radiological Society of North America

Peer Reviewed (Juried) Publications:
Swan JS, Carroll TJ, Kennell TW, Heisey DM, Korosec FR, Frayne R, Mistretta CA, Grist TM: “Time-resolved Three-dimensional Contrast-enhanced MR Angiography of the Peripheral Vessels”. Radiology Oct 2002; 225: 43-52.

Swan JS, Kennell TW, Acher CW, Heisey DM, Grist TM, Korosec FR, Hagenauer ME: “Magnetic Resonance Angiography of Aorto-iliac Disease”. The American Journal of Surgery, July 2000; 180 (1): 6-12.

Hoch JR, Kennell TW, Hollister MS, Sproat IA, Swan JS, Acher CW, Burks J, Heisey DM: "Comparison of Treatment Plans for Lower Extremity Arterial Occlusive Disease made with Electrocardiography-Triggered Two-dimensional Time-of-Flight Magnetic Resonance Angiography and Digital Subtraction Angiography". The American Journal of Surgery, August 1999; 178 (2): 166-172.

Hoch JR, Tullis MJ, Kennell TW, McDermott J, Acher CW, Turnipseed WD: "Use of Magnetic Resonance Angiography for the Preoperative Evaluation of Patients with Infrainguinal Arterial Occlusive Disease". Journal of Vascular Surgery, May 1996; 23(5): 792-801.

Turski PA, Levine R, Turnipseed WD, Kennell TW: "MR Angiography Flow Analysis: Neurovascular Applications". Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinics of North America, Vol. 3, Number 3, August 1995, p541-555

Tu R, Kennell TW, Turski PA, Polzin J, Korosec F, Mistretta C: "Gadodiamide Enhanced Complex-difference Phase Contrast MRA". Academic Radiology 1994; 1:S47-S55

Turnipseed WD, Kennell TW, Turski PA, Acher CW, Hoch JR: "Combined use of duplex imaging and magnetic resonance angiography for evaluation of patients with symptomatic ipsilateral high-grade carotid stenosis". Journal of Vascular Surgery 1993; 17:832-40.

Turnipseed WD, Kennell TW, Turski PA, Acher CW, Hoch JR: "Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) and Duplex Imaging: Noninvasive Tests For Selecting Symptomatic Carotid Endarterectomy Candidates". Surgery 1993; 114:643-9.

Swan JS, Kennell TW, Wojtowycz M, Grist TM: "Increased presaturation pulse gaps in 2D Time-of-Flight MR angiography: a pitfall in the lower extremities". Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology 1993; Vol. 4, Num. 4 p569-571.

Sproat IA, Pozniak MA, Kennell TW. "Ultrasound Case of the Day". Radiographics Nov 1993; 13:1400-1402.

Non-juried Publications:
Kennell TW, Turski PA: "Vascular anatomy and common variants". Chapter 16 in Clinical Magnetic Resonance Angiography, Raven Press, 1993. Anderson CM, Edelman RR, Turski PA.

Turski PA, Kennell TW: "Intracranial Flow Analysis". GE MRI applications guide, volume VI, March 1994.

Grist TM, Kennell TW, Holmes K: "Renal Flow Analysis". GE MRI applications guide, volume VI, March 1994.

Community involvement: Leelanau Conservancy, TART

Hobbies: Golf, boating, kayaking.

Clinical Interests: MRI, PACS


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